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Earthquake Insurance Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

Protecting your Home from the Damages of Earthquakes

There has been an increase in earthquakes in North Texas and around the state in recent years. These earthquakes are sometimes naturally occurring but are most often triggered by activities associated with natural gas production. The quakes often result in damages to houses and other structures and these damages have significant costs. 

Production levels of natural gas harvesting induce dozens of earthquakes every few months, and since these production levels are increasing dramatically, earthquakes are likely to become more frequent. More importantly, the magnitude of the earthquakes will increase. This means that damages to houses and other structures have greater chances of becoming more destructive. For property owners, this means potentially higher home maintenance costs. 

At Princeton Insurance, we know that the growing numbers of man-induced earthquakes make structural damage more likely. This likelihood makes protection more necessary. Foundations, plumbing systems, windows, flooring, and other things all stand to be damaged by earthquakes if the quakes are strong enough.  Whether immediately or over time, the tremors caused by earthquakes can erode the integrity and safety of home. This erosion is difficult to spot and is often very costly to stop and repair when it becomes evident to homeowners.  

We can help you stay aware of the state of your home and help you protect it no matter what. Contact us to day to discuss how we can help develop a plan that’s right for you.

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